Group Fitness

November 8, 2016


Ever wanted to train like a boxer?
Our boxing classes will have you testing your skill, coordination and learning various combinations.
A high volume of cardio will have you increase your fitness and burn that body fat.
Suitable for all levels of fitness, come along and train box like a boxer.


HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training, alternating between high and low intensity periods or high intensity burst followed by a short recovery rest time. If you are looking to improve your conditioning, cardio fitness and tone / shape this class is perfect for you. A great class for beginners right through to the more advanced.
Remember, high intensity means YOUR high intensity, so come in and get HIIT with us.

Muscle Up

A functional strength based class aimed at improving strength, technique, power and core strength. Our classes are designed and programmed by our coaches, focusing on many different movements but including the foundations of strength the Squat, Deadlift and Pressing movements. You will also get a form of conditioning work and core specific strengthening. If your a beginner don’t worry we are here to teach and guide you.


Do you do ZUU?
ZUU is liberating human movement through primal movement patterns. Life for the most has confined has to long periods of seating and not enough movement through our daily routines. ZUU is hear to put the MOVE back in movement. Unlocking your mobility and inner beast, ZUU will get you sweating with amazing support from what ZUU brings – culture!
Come down and bang it out with the crew no matter fitness level you are, movements can be regressed. Get a touch!


Known as the ‘Son of ZUU’, Ankorr is a harness system that incorporates ZUU movements under a load / resistance through budgee cords, with the ability to move in multi directions in 180 and 360 degree ranges. Ankorr is a unique training style that is new to hit Adelaide.
Used by military forces, elite athletes and suitable for all fitness levels. If your after a high intensity workout and that edge in your training, Ankorr is what you need.


Kicks, punches and knees!! All skills you will learn in our kickboxing class.
Incorporate this with fight style cardio and you have the makings for big fitness gains and fat burn.
Come try our kickboxing, beginners right through to the advanced.

The Sunday Grind

The Sunday Grind Our 8 Week Sunday Grind will take you to various locations around Adelaide, with challenging terrain and multiple training styles. Incorporating Military inspired training with Ex Military personal, Boxing, ZUU and much more.

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